BETA Team:

As part of a larger and institution-wide commitment to a safe campus environment, the University of Oregon’s BETA Team is charged with developing comprehensive fact-based assessments of individuals who may present a threat to members of the university community. The team includes representatives from Safety and Risk Services, the Office of the Provost, Police Department, Student Life, Human Resources, and the Office of Civil Rights Compliance. The team also includes psychologists from the University's Counseling Center. The General Counsel’s Office serves as an adviser to the Team. The team is co-chaired by Safety and Risk Services and the University of Oregon Police Department.

University of Oregon Police Department (UOPD):

UOPD operates 24 hours per day, year-round. Officers patrol the campus on foot, by bicycle and vehicle, and are responsible for campus safety, crime prevention and law enforcement. UOPD actively collaborates with students and other campus partners to prioritize and respond to campus safety needs. UOPD serves campus with sworn police officers, community service officers, and civilian staff in a variety of roles. UOPD works with campus and community partners to track safety issues and use proven approaches for prevention and response.

UOPD is separate from the Eugene Police Department, and any other local law enforcement agencies. UOPD is a department of the University of Oregon and covers all campus properties as its jurisdiction. While UOPD works with Eugene Police and other agencies to prevent and solve crime, UOPD exists to serve students and campus community members, and can prioritize issues important to the campus community. UOPD works with student and faculty government as well as various campus departments and offices, to tailor services to the needs of the UO.

Employee Assistance Program:

The University of Oregon contracts with Canopy, formerly called Cascade Centers, to provide a comprehensive employee assistance program for eligible employees, their dependents and eligible household members. The services are available at no cost. More information about the program is available from Human Resources, 346-3159. Call Canopy directly at 1-800-433-2320 to schedule an appointment.

Office of the Dean of Students:

The Office of the Dean of Students is here to create a welcoming, inclusive university campus for you. The Office of the Dean of Students encourages and advocates for our diverse communities through a variety of organizations and programs to connect you with other Ducks. The Office of the Dean of Students also works to maintain the integrity and accountability of our communities through policies and educational initiatives. Overall, we strive to provide resources and spaces for everyone to connect to a community and be supported throughout their college experience. 

University Counseling Services:

University Counseling Services is dedicated to contributing to your development and success as a student. University Counseling Services understands that each person comes to the UO with different experiences and identities that make them a vital part of our campus community. The Counseling Services team is dedicated to supporting all our students and helping them through the challenges that may arise during their time here. 

Office of the Provost:

The Office of the Provost is responsible for carrying out the academic mission of the University of Oregon. In doing so, the office works closely with faculty and staff to enhance academic excellence, student success, and the UO’s overall academic profile. The Office of the Provost leads and manages a variety of initiatives, processes, and services. The office:

  • Supports and coordinates matters that pertain to faculty success, including hiring, retention, promotion, and tenure processes
  • Promotes the highest standards in teaching, research, and service
  • Works closely with the schools and colleges and other critical academic units to advance individual unit success
  • Manages academic financial allocations
  • Advances the UO’s outreach to the community, state, nation, and world through various reporting units

The Office of the Provost has developed a website specifically related to Academic Freedom as a resource for UO faculty. Academic Freedom enables a faculty member to research and teach without fear of interference or reprisals from potentially coercive forces, whether extramural or intramural, within established legal and ethical bounds. If you are feeling targeted on social media related to your area of study, please refer to the External Engagement Support & Resources for University Employees guiding document.